We have already mentored 10K+ students and working professionals across India to achieve their financial goals.

Survey says, in India out of 134cr people more than 94cr (~70%) people are financially illiterate.

This is because schools and colleges have extracurricular activities but we don’t have important life skills like financial literacy activity.

Problems like shortage of cash for emergencies and less money in hand at retirement are the results of inadequate knowledge of personal finance.

We, at Young Adviser help youngsters and working professionals to understand how to manage money and to achieve financial freedom early in life.

Our Most In-Demand services

money can grow on trees
Zero to Hero

Special Program for Youngsters

Dedicated frameworks for school and college students
Teach your kids, what you missed.

Great boss will encourage to think out of the box.
But, where is the box?
Perfect for the Team

Let's find money-box
Money-box keeps the team happy and the bosses happier

Individual sessions
One-To-One session

Personalised program for individual, who is looking for financial growth in life.
Perfectly designed for beginners and enthusiastic individuals

Learn From Home
Virtual Classroom

Learn from home at your comfort. We provide online services where subject experts will teach on virtual classroom to achieve you financial happiness

Learn From Home
Stock Market

Making money in Stock Market is now possible. All it takes is your learning attitude. Now learn it from home at your comfort. We have arranged online one to one teaching sessions for you with our where subject experts.

Approving Loan is Our Responsibility
Loan service

If you have some upcoming expenses and you need loan, but loan process is hectic and time consuming.
Relax! We can help you. Our loan experts will give you hand-holding support and we make sure your loan get approved

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What our clients say

Dr. Mahesh Kumar Sarva
(Associate Professor)

"Hello, few months back I have registered Money-Box for my team. The way Mr. Jaysal explained about "how to manage money and grow rich" made my team motivated and Now I can see the difference.
I Highly recommend this session from Young Adviser"

Anant mauray
(Sales professional, ITC limited)

"Because of Mr.Jaysal, I understood the importance of personal finance. Jaysal guided me about how to be a financially free by following fundamental concepts of personal finance. I suggest that everyone should join his course on Personal finance.
The learning that I got is priceless"

Mohammad shafiullah
(Instagram Influencer)

"Hey I have attended the seminar of jaysal rangari sir on financial freedom. It was very helpful , all the concepts from the basics of investment to how to invest everything was explained well. Sir has shared very genuine knowledge with us which I found it very helpful and its worth to join his sessions."

Shrutika Gore

"hey, I am Student at Lovely Professional University
By attending the seminar I got to know how should I handle my personal finance. Jaysal sir explained every single thing very well. I would like to recommend the youth to take this course based on personal finance. You'll surely learn something productive."

Ambika Sur

"The session was really interesting which made me more inquisitive towards the idea of personal finance. The best attractions of the session were the content and simple way of conveying the ideas in a very lucid language. I am looking forward for more such sessions."

Himanshu Sekhar Khora

"Jaysal sir is a pool of knowledge when it comes to personal finance. If you want to get financial freedom, he has the key to it. Knowing personal finance is no more a option these days it has become a necessity to survive in this world. He helped me to become financially independent, i will say services from young adviser are worth enrolling."

Rishi Mohinta
(Biology tutor and researcher in biochemistry)

"I was stressed up with my expenses...I was unable to do savings because of which my bank balance used to upset me...Jaysal sir being Financial adviser guided me on how to set my budget and also how I can invest money with a profitable outcome. I would advise youngsters to take this session on personal finance from youngadviser.com if they want to learn how to manage money processionally."

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